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Your pupils


teach you.

Your patients


heal you.

Your disciples


enlighten you.

— Harvey Wasserman, 1927-2018

In Buddhism and other ancient traditions it is said that any person you meet and any experience you have can be your teacher about life and truth.

Sometimes, though, a person can enter your life bringing such a wealth of insight and connection that inside, a door opens for you to something very new, something that transforms what life looks like and allows a whole new future to emerge.

The wise thing to do when that happens is to make the most of it. Accept the new way of being; let it change how things are to what they could be.

What happens, though, when the teacher has to leave?  We all have to leave sooner or later; teachers are not immune to this, being human.

That departure, that bereavement, can be another teaching, another teacher in itself.

What to do?

Remember.  Remember what happened.  Remember how it happened.  Give thanks.

A Different Kind of Awake

Three Saturday workshops celebrating Harvey Wasserman.

1 Flood Street, Galway, 12, 19, 26 May. €10, limit 21 places.

Booking through Eventbrite


 It’s just us now.  Where might we go next?

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