Men often say, “What do women want, anyway?”

When I studied Einstein’s relativity I found not that it was complicated, but that it was such a different view of reality my mind didn’t want to go there.

It’s the same with the man-woman relationship problem.  Men’s minds are usually trained to deal with a different approach to many of the realities of human life and relationships than most women.

Women want:

To be your best friend.

To be most important in your life after your own vital interests.

You to be compassionate even if you disagree.

You to be loving and kind, not judgmental, angry or critical when communicating with your woman.

To share emotions, joys, failures, humiliations, deep beliefs about life and existence.

To be treated with respect and always with your heart open.

Simple, isn’t it?

Or is it, for you?

The reward if learned is enormous:  a lifetime of love, respect (and sex).

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