I used to believe there were three main tasks for any effective psychotherapist.

Task One is freeing and balancing of the emotions, without which no one can have a full life, or think and react effectively.

Task Two is eliminating embedded toxic imprints that the person we are trying to help feels are truly a part of themselves and not an implant. A clear example of this is the belief, “I am never good at anything.” Or, more seriously, “I am unlovable.”

Task Three is being aware of medical conditions that can disguise themselves, at least initially, as psychogenic.

More recently, as patients have broken through some form of toxic constriction and unhappiness, I have been able to permit them to experience the beginning of what I consider enlightenment. I consider enlightenment a mental state in which a person deeply senses that they are a small part of a vast universe, and yet at the same time they are connected to this vast universe. This produces a state of security, lack of anxiety, a sense of strength, a unique sense of peace and I believe supports their immune system.

When I sense the person I am working with has broken through to this beautiful glow of happiness, I give them a shamanic remedy that I obtained from someone who lives in this desirable state. I had this unique individual bless and immerse their energy in neutral tablets with their consciousness and body energy. For most patients, this remedy opens the door a crack, and only a crack, until more of their personal imbalance is removed. At the present time I have two patients who seem to be in this state permanently.

This is such a new and wonderful phenomenon that it feels to me that I am observing a miracle.

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