Between March and June, Harvey will present six psychotherapy workshops intended primarily but not exclusively for anyone who is training or practicing in the helping professions.

Workshop I (Saturday, 12 March) will focus on each therapist deepening awareness of and contact with the human being seeking our help.

Workshop II (Saturday, 9 April): This is a psychotherapy workshop. We will work on each other and individually with Dr. Wasserman. Bring your experiences with difficult patients (we all have them) for help finding the key to your effectiveness. This workshop will build on the learning of Workshop I.

Workshop III (Saturday, 30 April) will focus on emotions – how to spot emotional problems and provide healing solutions. Emotions are at the centre of human life and can be distorting, devastating, even lethal. Emotions properly flowing through our being are an important part of a balanced, a good life.

Workshop IV (Saturday, 14 May): A psychotherapy workshop to practice all you have absorbed. A psychotherapy workshop applying the learning of previous workshops. Helping to relieve human suffering.

Workshop V (Saturday, 28 May) will focus on recognizing belief systems that are toxic, limiting, distorting – and eliminating them and replacing them with positive beliefs and self concepts that permit peace, happiness, creativity, a stable, expanding and constructive life. Enabling each person to become everything they were born to be, and whenever possible encouraging human spiritual expansion.

Workshop VI (Saturday, 11 June). The final therapy workshop. Helping to produce a therapy experience that is profoundly helpful, flows easily with minimal exhaustion. You will wake up eager to start each working day.

Workshops will be held at The Clayton Hotel, Galway. (Monivea Road across from Briarhill, very near the M6: GPS 53.291326, -8.989332)
The price for each session is €100; sign up for all 6 sessions €500.

Book through Eventbrite for these workshops: Make Workshop Booking

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