Self-pity is a highly ignored, undervalued mental poison that can be as limiting and destructive as most depression.

What self-pity says is, “This should not have happened to me.  I will wait until the cosmic white knight or parent restores what should have happened, or removes what should not have happened.”

Self-pity causes inertia, paralysis, loss of creativity, or even a slow form of suicide.

One of my patients with whom I failed to diminish her self-pity avoided everything that was difficult and stressful, and indulged in anything that caused numbness, diversion and denial.  This reached the point of severe damage to her health and failure in all areas of her life, including her finances.

Self-pity is very attractive and addictive to the self-indulger and revolting to everyone else.

The answer to all self-pity is “Tough Shit!”  Say it to yourself; if you laugh, there’s hope for you.

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