No is the most important word in any language.

When your mind and body say No and your mouth says Yes, you are effectively a self-imposed slave.

What to do:

1.  When asked to do most anything, delay:  “I’ll let you know in one hour” (or “tomorrow”).  Even if you end up with an unenthusiastic Yes, you have made a start.

2.  If you see a stranger anywhere that it would be hard to say No to, in your mind think and aggressive “No!”

3.  Think of me and shout (if no one is around)  “Go f— yourself, Harvey!”  Do this also with anyone on television that irritates you.  The object is not to be obscene, but to break the ice around No.

Where you want to end up is with a strong, quiet No that comes from your soul, a soul that knows it has rights.

Remember, if you have trouble saying No, you will attract abusers.

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