Passion.  What a powerful word.

Passion is usually associated with sexuality.  What a narrow and limiting way of looking at passion.

Passion should be in your eyes as you absorb the world around you with your vision.  Imagine a vast field of radiant blue gentians, or even the impact of a degenerating urban slum.

Passion should be in your nose as you learn to evaluate your world of smells.  Imagine the smell of baking bread, and then of a decomposing animal corpse.

Passion belongs in your fingertips as you explore and learn of your world through touch.  Imagine running your fingers through a lovely, sensual piece of velvet cloth.

Passion belongs in your legs as you enjoy a relaxed country stroll.  Feel the grass under your feet.

All living creatures passionately engage themselves in reproduction.  Imagine salmon leaping waterfalls to reproduce.  So sexuality is at the center of passion, but needs to be only a portion of your living passion.

A life without passion is a life without vitality.  The energy of your passion makes it more likely that you will know your life goals and will achieve them.  All goals tend to meet obstacles.  Passion provides the energy and the commitment to go through, around, under or over any obstacles.

All children are born with passion.  Babies cry and scream when their perceived needs are not met.  Over-civilization of children’s boundless desires for instant gratification kills passion.

Meditate on the phrase, “I passionately encounter the world.”

Imitate a child’s temper tantrum.  Yell “No!” from your throat and belly to anyone and everyone who has constricted your passion.

If these steps don’t do the job, find a good psychotherapist.

In the hypnagogic state as you start to fall asleep, for 2 or 3 weeks, softly or silently say, “I passionately encounter the world.”  Pay a lot of attention to any dreams that come to you.


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