In September I launched my new book, “John Wayne and the Fierce Kuga-Kugas:  A Book of Healing and Transformation”.

I decided to do a workshop instead of a conventional launch.  Many people came with whom I had never previously had professional or personal contact.

The workshop consisted of a series of exercises that are not conventional in Ireland.

To my delight I received several enthusiastic thank you notes.

The most spectacular was from a woman who was delighted that she effortlessly gave up her alcohol drinking problem.

The exercise that did the trick is called “Unswitching”.

Unswitching is a short, simple exercise that I demonstrate on my YouTube channel [ ]

Deep pain and despair, conscious or unconscious, can produce a disharmony of function in the nervous system with symptoms that often look like depression.

She was drinking to bury her despair that she didn’t know how to handle.

She is now free of her alcohol compulsion and can drink socially in moderation.

Because of this unexpected result I am going to give a series of Saturday workshops (for €1 — One Euro – each) consisting of exercises I have learned or developed.  The exercises are designed to make people aware of what is causing the suffering or constriction in their lives.  Awareness is the beginning of freedom from suffering and limitations.

Why The One-Euro Price?

The reason for the one euro charge is that I want to make it possible for anyone on low income to attend, and to let them know that I expect it to be a worthwhile experience.


Workshops with Harvey R Wasserman, MD

Five Saturdays beginning March 30, 2013

Attend All Five Saturdays for Best Result

Victoria Hotel, Eyre Square, Galway, Ireland

10am – 4pm, 40 Participants, No Reservations, Price €1

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