Insomnia is a debilitating problem for many of us.

If you have trouble falling asleep try the Ego-Alien Technique (in Chapter 18) and The Divine Is In Your Belly technique ( in Chapter 9) of my book, John Wayne and the Fierce Kuga-Kugas.

To help fall asleep you may also try meditation.  Meditation usually brings peace.  Give it a try.  (Page 19 of John Wayne and the Fierce Kuga-Kugas.)

Most people abandon meditation.  They have trouble focusing on a single thought or mantra.  This particular meditation technique doesn’t require focusing your thoughts with a mantra.

If you wake up during sleep, try 4-7-9 Breathing four or five times and the Divine is in Your Belly technique three times.  Many of my patients report this helps them return to sleep even after nightmares.

If more is required, add the Self-Hypnosis Technique described on p. 267, in Chapter 18.

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