Hellmuth Kaiser was the most effective teacher and psychotherapist I ever experienced. He worked with Freud, Fritz Perls and Wilhelm Reich. He was trained in psychoanalysis, an approach he found ineffective. He permitted himself to launch in his own direction. After studying with him, in psychotherapy supervision and individual therapy, I matured dramatically and the results of my therapy with patients grew exponentially.

His ideas seem simple but are subtly profound. They are (1) The Universal Symptom; (2) The Universal Psychopathology; and (3) The Universal Cure.

The Universal Symptom is disordered, unclear and dishonest communication – Duplicity.

The Universal Pathology, which Kaiser called The Illusion of Fusion, is the longing to surrender oneself to another individual, or group, or idea that damages, even melts individual boundaries – and individual behavior and thinking. You no longer are an individual standing on your own feet. You no longer have your own personality. This leads to neurotic, even destructive behavior. (Look at ISIS for an extreme example.)

Look at yourself. Look around you, and you will see undesirable behavior illuminated by these apparently simple concepts.

The Universal Healing Cure is honest communication.

You can read more about this in the book, “Effective Psychotherapy: the Contribution of Hellmuth Kaiser,” by Dr. Louis B Fierman. It is available in hardback on Amazon and as an ebook on easons.com.

Advanced Psychotherapy course, Spring 2016, at 1 Flood Street, Galway
Session Four, ‘Psychotherapy Practicum II.’ is on 14 May; Session Five, ‘Recognising and Transforming Toxic Belief Systems’ is on 28 May; and in Session Six, ‘Psychotherapy Practicum III’ is on 11 June.

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