New Approaches to gain health:

I taught “Unswitching”, which is a technique to heal distortion in our nervous system, including communication between the two hemispheres of the brain that results in fatigue and symptoms similar to depression. “Switching” is caused by deep and chronic pain and despair. It can be reversed by stimulating the appropriate acupuncture points and moving arms and legs on opposite sides of the body alternately (“cross-crawling”).

I demonstrated that feeling the major emotions sequentially in the mind and body, and discharging them through sound, can have profound healing effects. This experience was reinforced by the music track called “Green is Here” from the CD “Sky of Mind” by Ray Lynch.

I also demonstrated that two people correctly stimulating the third eye can produce a beautiful state called communion. Communion is a state of feeling in contact with and safety with another human, without a single word needing to be said.


A Transformational Grounding Exercise

Transformational grounding is a profoundly effective technique in relieving and healing anxiety in any form.  It consists of massaging an acupressure point just medial to the base of the big toe bone, then very slowly rotating one joint at a time, the ankle, the knee the hip on one leg, then repeating on the other leg.  Completing the exercise with a flat rotation of the pelvis on the base of the spine, very slowly, or by rocking the pelvis gently and very slowly at the base of the spine.

People who are in touch with their bodies, at each stage feel a remarkable state of peace and calm in their minds, and sometimes a sense of well-being in the body, and/or tingling in the body.  Even people who don’t feel cerebral effects during the exercises have to admit they feel remarkably relaxed at the end.  People feel incredibly grounded through their feet.  Positive posture and an increased feeling of lightness is often also experienced.  When practiced regularly twice a day, people have noticed great improvement in anxiety, but also in other characterological traits such as self-esteem.  On some occasions, somatic illnesses have improved, occasionally with dramatic results.

Occasionally, deeply buried traumatic experiences will surface.  Some of these are mild to moderate and are immediately available to psychotherapy.  Others may be on rare occasions so intense that they require serious psychotherapeutic attention.


Pass-Through Therapy

“Pass-Through Therapy” requires each participant to imagine some positive personality trait that they would like to develop.  Then they are to find some person they know, or have heard of, or have read about, or seen in a movie, or can imagine, who fully embodies this trait. Then, with their eyes closed,  they picture this person one step in front of them.  They step forward into that same spot with their own bodies.  They allow the positivity they long for to completely surround them and completely penetrate every tissue, cell, space and organ in their bodies.  They stand there, hands hanging at their sides, breathing deeply, knees slightly bent, until they have accepted all the nourishment they can absorb.  Then they step backwards, taking as much positivity with them as they can.


Transformation Visualization

The “Transformational Visualization”  starts with a series of visualizations of each of the body’s chakras in their respective identity and color:  Base chakra in red, spelling SURVIVE;  Second chakra, the word POWER in orange;  Third chakra, the word GOOD, as in a good human being, in a sunny yellow;  fourth chakra LOVE in green;  Fifth, throat chakra, AWARE, in blue; Sixth chakra COMMAND (of your life) in indigo; Seventh chakra in violet, COSMOS;  eighth, 6 inches above the top center of your head, FAITH, in a lovely white light.

Then the brain:  The upper massive lobes of the brain are first.  Frontal lobes, place laughter.  Upper parietal lobes, shimmering white light.  Back, occipital lobe, place awe or reverence.  On either side of the brain, attached to the upper lobes, the temporal lobes, place a feeling of love.  The cerebellar hemispheres, two egg-sized and – shaped structures at the back and base of the brain, picture in pink light, the words I was born loving myself.  The brain stem is the upward extension of the spinal cord into the brain.  It enters just in front of the cerebellar hemispheres and connects with the back of the area of the brain called the limbic or mid-brain.  In the limbic or mid-brain place sexual feelings.  In the brain stem place the feeling of fear.

Listen to any track from Ray Lynch’s Sky of Mind.

Before you start this exercise, think of a problem you are struggling with and see if you are closer to the solution after the experience.  Alternatively, just follow the entire visualization and observe any change in your state of consciousness or if a new inner awareness has surfaced.


Spontaneous trance states in psychotherapy

Patients in psychotherapy often go into spontaneous trances.  Patients are only marginally aware of their trance and try to end it by shaking their heads an blinking their eyes.  Most therapists simply ignore this phenomenon.  Working with and deepening the trances can deepen the therapeutic experience.  The trance is caused by pre-conscious areas of the mind attempting to bring healing awarenesses into the patient’s consciousness.

I ask patients to become aware and to surrender to the trance.  They usually are feeling quite relaxed at this point.

I instruct them to do as little consciously as possible, but to become aware of anything that emerges spontaneously:   “Pay attention to your thoughts.  Do they fade away partially, or totally?  This is Silent Mind, a deep form of relaxation and healing.  Do emotions come up?  Do body sensations come up?  Use the back of your eyelids as if they are screens, trying to project from your brain shapes, colors, images, memories, stories.  Tell me anything that comes into your consciousness.  Don’t do anything with this emerging consciousness unless I suggest you do so.  I may notice something emerging just out of your awareness and will share that with you.”

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