Many emotional problems can respond to simple techniques.  My “Expand Your Life In 3 Weeks” workshops have as their one major purpose to demonstrate that truth.

I present exercises that help with depression, anxiety and other emotional problems.  They help participants to identify negative thinking and the many beliefs and experiences that limit personal growth and expansion.

I have learned many of my expansive exercises from the great teachers of the past 50 years, Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson, Al Lowen and many others.  I have studied with native healers around the world and created original neuroplastic experiences of my own.

“Workshop” means that I work and you as attendees work, experiencing and perhaps voluntarily sharing your personal experiences.

Although the workshops are open to the general public, I am inviting all in the healing professions to attend.  You will find the experiences professionally and personally useful.

Workshop One will instruct participants in simple techniques that will free them to relieve and often cure any emotional or psychological problems.

Workshops Two and Three will supplement Workshop One with specific additional exercises to creatively engage specific emotional, mental, psychological and life-functioning conditions.

Coming to all three workshops would be ideal; any individual workshop will be useful.

The price is set at €5.00 per workshop so that anyone who wants to can learn how to expand their life.



30 September, 7 October, 14 October

10 am – 4 pm

Clayton Hotel, Ballybrit, Galway

Price €5.00

Reservations through Eventbrite

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