Emotions, the Centre of Human Life, is a workshop I am conducting on Saturday 30 April at my Galway office. Emotions are not just feelings. they are powerful energetic events that affect your nervous system, your body chemistry, all of your body. They are a defining feature of all mammals, and we are indeed mammals.

Your emotions can cripple you, even kill you, and can damage your skeletal and muscular function.

If you bury your emotions or if they overwhelm you, you are in trouble.

Balancing your emotions means learning how to recognise them, especially how to recognise them when they threaten to overwhelm you. When your emotions are balanced, you find peace, strength and compassion.

Some of life situations need simply be dealt with as emotional issues, especially love, heartbreak and bereavement. Some issues need to be dealt with exclusively by the intellect, such as repairing a defective motor.

For the majority of life experiences you need to integrate emotions and intellect.

An example of this is disciplining a child’s misbehaviour, with understanding, compassion and making discipline constructive and educational. See if you can apply this approach also to problems of marital emotional and physical intimacy, not destroying the love we all need.

This is a vast and complicated field beyond the scope of this blog. Some self-help approaches to dealing with disordered emotions can be found in my book, “John Wayne and the Fierce Kuga-Kugas”. I also sell a CD called “Balancing the Emotions” for €20 that can be very helpful, even healing.

Session Three of Advanced Psychotherapy, ‘Emotions, the Centre of Human Life’, will take place on Saturday, 30 April. This session is full but there is room in Session Four, ‘Psychotherapy Practicum II.’ on 14 May; in Session Five, ‘Recognising and Transforming Toxic Belief Systems’ on 28 May; and in Session Six, ‘Psychotherapy Practicum III’ on 11 June. Bookings can be placed with Eventbrite: Advanced Psychotherapy Reservations

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