EVERYONE WANTS SUCCESS, happiness, enough wealth, health, love, but often we don’t get them. Why? Let us look at commitment. Commitment. What a remarkable word. What a remarkable idea. With it almost anything can happen. Without commitment little can happen.

If I have a patient committed to growth and healing I can be a brilliant therapist. If I have a patient who is not committed to growth and healing I am a therapist of limited ability. Little progresses or changes, or if it does it is only temporary. I can tell the instant a patient achieves commitment to change some aspect of their life. It is as if a powerful engine suddenly comes to life, a powerful diesel motor in the bowels of a great ship. My interventions now work, fine tuning the patient’s committed energy for change.

What is this phenomenon called commitment? I think of it as a release of energy. Being 99% committed is like being 99% pregnant. It doesn’t exist. What creates this wonderful state in which everything is possible, without which nothing is possible. Simple desire is not enough. Almost everyone desires the good things of life, but without the secret ingredient commitment they don’t have any. Desire only releases power when there are no inhibiting internal beliefs, thoughts, attitude or values, such as; you can’t, you shouldn’t, it is dangerous, it is selfish. Desire supported with commitment is incredibly powerful. People often want to help you or at least get out of your way. Obstacles are not insurmountable, but only temporary phenomenon. You will go through, under, over or around them. There is less sense of effort even if you’re “working hard.”

With commitment you are focused, your attention conscious and unconscious is always alert, asleep or awake. Many solutions to obstacles can occur in sleep. When I decided to give a series of talks in a new country I woke up out of a sound sleep with five subjects in my mind. I ran stark naked to my desk and jotted them down. The response was overwhelming.

There is much evil in our world. Evil has little problem with commitment. Evil has great energy and tends to be fearless. Goodness is often timid and wishing to be left alone in peace.

A young woman of 16 years of age came to see me. She was referred to me by Dr Al Lowen. The developer of bio-energetic analysis. Al had been my teacher and therapist and I wanted to do very well with the patient he referred to me. It was a nightmare. It was worse than having your teeth pulled. Nothing worked. Just as I was getting ready to tell her that she should be seeing somebody else something positive would happen. We dragged on this way for over a year. It was a year of massive frustration. Then she came to the end of her school year. She realised that in one more year she would be finished with her secondary education and wanted to leave home and go to college. She knew she was too weak to be able to leave her domineering mother. Suddenly, everything worked. I was a brilliant therapist. Her responses were immediate, intense, healing, clarifying. She was accepted by an excellent college, confident that she could stand on her own two feet.

When a patient demands of me, “doctor, tell me what to do” “doctor, fix me”, I know that they are not yet committed to their healing. With commitment the patient spontaneously starts to move forward in their own healing and allows me to assist with any unseen barriers. Your commitment needs to be focused on the end result not the path. The path may require changes. A successful entrepreneur once told me “everything works out for me, but never quite the way I expected.”
When commitment is clearly absent LOOK FOR THE FOOT ON THE BRAKE without being judgemental towards anything you find.

Look and discover your inner compass of awareness. We all have what I call an inner compass in our bodies in our chest and belly that points us towards the truth.
Practice body compass awareness with a few obvious sentences “I am a communist” See how you feel. “I am not a communist”.
See how you feel. Sense the different reaction in your body between the two sentences.

“I love Brussels sprouts,” pause, sense your body. “I detest Brussels sprouts” pause, sense your body.
Leave a short pause after each sentence to tune into your body awareness.

Sometimes a sentence will feel comfortable like putting on a glove that fits perfectly. Sometimes there is a tingling feeling in various parts of your body that tells you that whatever you are thinking or saying is the truth. A profound and newly discovered truth can sometimes result in a temporary altered state of consciousness.

Here are some techniques for promoting awareness and commitment–desire.

Dream Programming

Just before you go to sleep there is a point where you are partly asleep and partly awake. Your unconscious is very close to your waking state at that point. Have a picture of something you desire, make a brief, poetic phrase of your desire or a step you need to take towards your desire. Picture the phrase or the image for five, ten or fifteen seconds as you fall asleep.

Here are a series of sentences that I tested before I found the correct one;
“I will be like Albert Einstein” – somehow that doesn’t feel right.
“I will release my creativity” – that feels better.
“I will become aware of all blocks to my creativity” – this touches me it produces a feeling in my chest. I feel like I put something on my body that feels comfortable, pleasurable and fits perfectly.

Try this for six weeks and see what happens. At times even the content of your dreams will help produce clear awareness.

Forehead Writing

Use the same kind of phrases as in the previous exercise, and with an imaginary light or imprint your sentence or your picture on your forehead.
Non Dominant Hand Writing. Write the place where you feel stuck in a clear brief poignant sentence. Then keep on writing. Do not concern yourself about the logic or illogic of what you write, just keep writing for ten, fifteen minutes and very often a dim light of clarity will start to appear.

In the navy I was in an electronics training programme that made you the equivalent of a sergeant when you graduated. I studied reasonably hard and was usually somewhere near the bottom of my class in my grades. The war ended and they announced that only the top 10% of people with high grades would be promoted. I wanted it desperately. I went from the bottom of the class to tenth, to eighth, to second, without increasing the effort I put in on study. Desire and commitment removed the blocks to my success.

If you are trapped in “I want to …” — and then do the opposite, move to the power of NEGATIVE AFFIRMATIONS:

“I will get drunk this weekend to enjoy my friends. I am willing to accept two days of hangover, self-contempt and damage to my health. This is my very true, honest and genuine commitment.”

Accepting a negative truth (especially if you laugh) can light a path to positive commitments and to the irrational fears that block movement to a wholesome path.

Accepting the inner, negative, decisive truth can be a stepping stone to health and to positive, decisive light — especially if spoken out loud!

Adapted from “John Wayne and the Fierce Kuga-Kugas: A Book of Healing and Transformation.” © 2012, Harvey R Wasserman

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