IF YOU FEEL depressed for no known reason and it’s due to an unaware emotional or thought process, try the following:

Notice that in normal breathing there is a brief pause at the end of breathing in and at the end of breathing out. For one or two minutes, consciously eliminate this very brief pause. It requires concentration; it is a type of hyperventilation.

Give yourself 30 to 40 seconds to settle down when you stop.

Do you sense an emotion or thought process that you were not conscious of before?

If you can glance in a mirror, you might see a facial expression you are not conscious of. A sensitive companion who observes you after circular breathing may be able to pick up some of the above, even if you yourself are not aware.

This technique is not always successful, but it is simple, safe and worth a try.

from John Wayne and the Fierce Kuga-Kugas; A Book of Healing and Transformation, ©2012, Harvey R Wasserman, MD.  Available in paperback and e-book.


Advanced Techniques in Neuroplastic Psychotherapy
Saturday, 12 November, 10 am-4 pm
The Healing Road Psychotherapy Clinic
1 Flood Street, Galway
€50, Limit 20, bookings from harveybear2@me.com

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