Beware of gurus.  Most of them are dangerous.  Gurus not a part of a formal ancient tradition are even more likely to be dangerous.

Wanting a guru (teacher) to speed us on our spiritual and personal growth pathway is fine. (for a while)

Even dangerous gurus may radiate an appealing charisma.  (for a while)  They may have talents such as telepathic ability to know about hidden aspects of your life and personality.  With time and experience you may find that they want power over you, or your money or unlimited sexuality.  If you question or refuse to submit you will be punished overtly or energetically.  Punishment may be severe if you point out their deficiencies.

One of my patients was devoted to a Sioux Indian guru.  I went to one of his presentations.  His work that day was full of egotism, negativity.  He couldn’t connect two ideas in any logical sequence.  I would have confronted him if my patient had not been present.  Instead I quietly left.

Two gurus who were widely admired, when I consulted with them, left me feeling poisoned at the end of their sessions.

Most dramatic was a well-recommended guru (“She can even shape shift her appearance!”).  I liked the work she did with other attendees.  I complimented her on her work and asked for help: “I can do what I see you doing but you are much faster than I am; can you help me become as fast as you are?”  A cloud of anger shifted her expression and she responded in a way that was totally irrelevant.

The next day I awoke with a strange depression that didn’t respond to my usual ways of lifting depression.  I consulted a trusted psychic. “It’s not your depression,” she said, “I’ll send you the ‘fire ball’.”  Red and orange lights filled my visual field and a pure energy flowed through my body.  My depression was gone.

Only two gurus have blessed me with their presence.  One was the Lama Govinda, the most evolved human I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  (See Chapter Six of John Wayne and the Fierce Kuga-Kugas.)

The other, whose name I have forgotten, during our brief contact told me, “Harvey, you don’t need any more teachers.”  I knew he was right.  I stopped looking, and my intuition and creativity soared.


Your pupils


teach you

Your patients


heal you

Your disciples


enlighten you

Guru, YOU ARE A DANGEROUS PERSON except for the briefest instant.  How often the devotee is led away from finding the guru within.  Seeker, never trust a guru even for the briefest instant unless the guru laughs a lot, unless the guru is humble, unless the guru is indifferent to your money, unless the guru finds joy in your leaving, unless the guru celebrates your transcending him.



from  At the Centre of Time, © 2012  Harvey R Wasserman 

ISBN:  978-1-4575-1341-1

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