The cause of depression and even psychosis may not be emotional or inherent neurochemical disorder.

A small percentage may be due to brain allergies.  Allergy caused disorders do not respond well to psychotherapy or medical drugs.

In the past few years I have removed negative mental voices in one patient and chronic, untreatable depression in two patients by taking them off wheat.

That this was possible has been known and published for over 50 years.  I have recently heard that Yale is studying the relationship of wheat to schizophrenia.

I have been influenced by removing wheat from my own diet, which enormously helped a gut problem I was having.

Eat Right For Your Type by Peter D’Adamo has proven very helpful to myself and to occasional patients.

What is the most common source of food allergies?  D’Adamo writes that people of blood groups O and B tend to have wheat allergies.

The allergic food can even be the one that you most crave.

The original type of wheat that was cultivated is called spelt wheat and does not seem to cause allergic responses.  Modern wheat replaced spelt sometime during the Industrial Revolution (because it was easier to process into flour).

Self testing for food allergies is possible if you know your blood type.  Look into D’Adamo’s book and see what foods you might be allergic to.  One at a time, go off the possible allergen for 10-14 days.  Are your symptoms improved?  If so, then eat some of the supposed allergen.  Do your symptoms intensify?  Consult with your medical doctor about your discovery.

Wheat is not the only allergen, but the most common.  In my study in America with a food allergist, I saw a film of a woman becoming depressed immediately after drinking a glass of milk.

In The Lancet, the prestigious medical publication, I found an article of great significance.  It stated that when we remove wheat from patients who have coeliac disease, if they have also been diagnosed a schizophrenic, the schizophrenia often improves.  Coeliac disease is an intestinal disease well known to be influenced by wheat allergy.  If untreated it can even be fatal.


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