The second Saturday of each month, I will be doing a workshop from 10 am to 4 pm, at my office, limited strictly to 20 participants. Previous six workshops have been positive beyond any of my dreams. I and all participants left each workshop with a profound sense of learning, healing, even joy.

In these workshops I will encourage sensing and reading of subtle energy fields, as well as teaching the ability to use your own consciousness to project a positive energy field that encourages the psychotherapeutic process. I will present techniques I have developed or adapted from studying all over the world. I will demonstrate the correct way these techniques can be applied, and subtle different ways they can be used in different situations. We will be examining what is the true nature of this strange therapy (psychotherapy), where one human person supports the healing and expansion of another human.

I will emphasize ways of dealing with toxic levels of emotion. I will emphasize ways of replacing toxic character and traumatic imprints. I will encourage the evolution of a state of enlightenment, not a mystical concept but a level of consciousness that promotes open-heartedness, strength of character, peace of mind and physical health. A state of consciousness that parallels the findings of physicists who emphasize the nature of cosmology. These physicists show that all reality is some form and shape of energy. Sensing this essential nature of reality promotes the state of well-being I am calling enlightenment.

These workshops are appropriate for anyone in any field of healing and helping human beings. A few people who are passionately interested in their own development will enrich the therapeutic atmosphere, even if they are not professionals in a healing field.

The cost of the workshops is €50, paid at the door. Reservations are essential. They can be made by email at or

Next workshops:  13 August, 10 September, 8 October, 12 November

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