I have just completed the third of my six-workshop series, Advanced Psychotherapy. We sat in a compact circle of 20 participants. I started each session with two exercises, one to improve brain function and one to establish a state of communion in the group. Communion is an atmosphere of emotional warmth, silent communication and trust.

Workshop One exercises were to increase sensitivity in reading information in patients’* energy fields and the careful observation of the patient’s* voice tone, facial expression, body posture and movement. [patient* = a participant who is acting as a patient for the purposes of the workshop]

Workshop Two was my presenting how I work with people who volunteered from the group. I also volunteered to be a patient, and one brave participant volunteered to be my therapist. She helped me to experience an important illumination about something that had been limiting me.

Workshop Three started as a lecture about emotions, their power to cause suffering, illness, or to enrich your passage through life and your compassion. I then had group members experience exercises I have developed to help balance disordered emotions.
The most wonderful experience for me was the interaction of individual group members with the patients’* learning and expansion. Group members’ reactions reinforced the therapeutic learning experiences. They were also reinforced by the patient* sharing [her/ his] expansion with each member of the community. I had each patient* experience the essence of their positive experience with eye contact, one by one, with 19 group members. These 19 interactions massively reinforced the acceptance and impact of freeing, expanding therapeutic experiences. This is not conventional “group psychotherapy”. It is individual therapy reinforced by the group.

As a result, I have decided to limit all sessions to 20 persons, in a tight, intimate circle and will hold the remaining sessions at my office, 1 Flood Street, Galway.

Session Four, ‘Psychotherapy Practicum II.’ is on 14 May; Session Five, ‘Recognising and Transforming Toxic Belief Systems’ is on 28 May; and in Session Six, ‘Psychotherapy Practicum III’ is on 11 June.

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