Who am I?

I am the son of hard-working immigrant parents who valued education. I began as a child to wonder what did or did not make sense in the world around me. I began to wonder what made us suffer and how to free ourselves from this curse.

A photo of Harvey Wasserman, author of John Wayne and the Fierce Kuga-Kugas

I graduated from Queens College, a free NYC college requiring only decent grades and a love of learning. Then to medical school graduating with honors. On through internship in a huge, varied NYC hospital. Then psychiatric fellowship at the prestigious Menniger School of Psychiatry.

Over 50 years of enthusiastic and joyous psychotherapeutic practice with my patients, who honored me with their trust and suffering. Professor of psychiatry at the Yale University College of Medicine, where I was director of education and training at a Yale teaching hospital. At Yale, medical students voted me each year as one of four outstanding teachers.

I have studied with most of the outstanding teachers of my time: Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson, Al Lowen, Carl Whitakker and many others – anyone who had more to teach me. I studied alternative healing approaches : kinesiology, reflexology, polarity therapy and many others. I learned from many native healers and shamans around the world.

All this to discover what is the true nature of mankind, to learn what is genetically hard-wired, what is cultural, what is individual life experience. Why is there suffering? How as a separate human can I help others move beyond suffering?