People are learning ways of protecting our human vulnerability, such as mindfulness meditation.  But there is little or no teaching of ways to heal defects in our emotional well-being.

I have recently encountered two patients who suffered massively from a level of sadness that had tortured their lives.

Sadness is a way we are wired to react when there is a sense of loss in our lives.  There are many losses in every life.  Some can become overwhelming.  The way to heal sadness is by entering the emotion of sadness, rather than by trying to bury it.

I taught these patients a sadness healing meditation that was very effective.

Very simply sit in a comfortable alert position, eyes closed.  Stay very aware of sadness.

Picture yourself slowly sinking into a deep well of sadness.  Lower your chin slightly.  Breathe through your mouth, slightly exaggerating the exhalation (this relaxes the upper chest muscles).

Make a soft, letting-down, sad sound with each exhalation.

Continue this until you reach a stopping point.  The sadness is gone.

Repeat this exercise once or twice daily.  When you finally experience a stream of unexpected happiness, you are close to eliminating sadness toxicity.

Do not be afraid that consciously entering your sadness will leave you trapped in it.  Entering the sadness consciously will ameliorate, even heal it.

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