I WAS SIX years old, about to go to sleep. A full-grown, full-maned lion appeared next to my bed. He faced me. He was not threatening.

“Ma, there is a lion next to my bed.”

“Harvey, go to sleep. You’re just imagining it.”

Five minutes later.

“Ma, the lion is still next to my bed.”

My mother came into my bedroom. She turned on the light. The lion disappeared.

All during my life, this memory returns. Why is the lion still there? What does he have to tell me, to teach me? What part of the lion have I failed to make a part of me?

Today I will talk to my lion.

“Why do you keep coming?”

“Because you have not made me a full part of yourself. I am your power, your fearless power. I am still outside of you.”


from John Wayne and the Fierce Kuga-Kugas: A Book of Healing and Transformation © 2012 Harvey R. Wasserman All Rights Reserved.


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